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nomadSOS by is a combined eCALL IVS & fleet management platform- FMS (or personal tracking device- PTD), providing effective TCO aftermarket implementations with eCALL and GPS tracking functionalities.
Starting with eCALL firmware version 1.45, the eCALL only version it is also available. Meeting all eCALL IVS requirements, starting with July 2014, our in-vehicle system implementation is full ready for OEM IVS car integration. Even earlier (December 2013), we've start to deliver, to selected partners, tuned version of our eCALL IVS devices designed to be used as simulator for eCALL PSAP, eCALL testbed and eCALL infrastructure (including NMO's eCALL flag and full emergency-e112 detection and routing) testing. The nomadSOS eCALL IVS for NMO testing version and the nomadSOS eCALL IVS for infrastructure testing version represents the first choice for IVS equipments designated for testing, validation and conformity assesment of the eCALL chain. Read more about in our news section.

Using a precise and sensitive integrated GPS/GNSS receiver with integrated GPS/GNSS antenna, nomadSOS by platform, provide accurate information regarding heading, time and location information. Based on the 4’th generation GPRS bi-directional communication, nomadSOS by provide easy and fast installation with „on site zero configuration”. All editable parameters (eCALL and FMS/PTD) are administered on centralized manner using WEB based admin interface. Our „on site zero configuration” delivers instant functionality after initial startup, without any on site programming required. All you need is to plug a regular GPRS service enabled SIM card (no fixed IP…). Other remote parameters deployment methods (noGPRS, noSMS) available!
On the contrary, the nomadSOS eCALL IVS for NMO testing version and the nomadSOS eCALL IVS for infrastructure testing version benefits from a special administration console implementation that allow the user to set the eCALL IVS parameters for simulation and testing.


nomadSOS by v1+3/8 eCALL functionality:

In emergency cases, triggered automatically or manual, the nomadSOS by v1+3/8 enters eCALL IVS mode as described on EN 16062, providing transmission of MSD (Minimum Set of Data) to PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) via the voice channel, and also, establishing voice channel between car driver or passengers and PSAP operators.

After MSD packing and after the connection with PSAP access number (e112 or long number) is establish, the nomadSOS by v1+3/8 try to PUSH MSD (ask PSAP for MSD transmission). During MSD transmission session, the voice channel will be muted. Regardless MSD transmission result, the ECALL-IVS.EU eCALL-IVS v1+3/8 will establish back the voice channel and waiting for other requests from PSAP.  At any time, the PSAP operator can request again the MSD (PULL MSD). After CLEAR DOWN procedure, the nomadSOS by v1+3/8 will be accessible for certain time for PSAP CALL BACK procedure, as stated on EN 16062.



nomadSOS by is designed and manufactured in EU, by R&D Software Solutions srl.

nomadSOS by v1+3/8 preliminary specifications:

-          compact robust design 88x56x23 mm

-          socket version available, eCALL IVS only for easy integration in new cars automotive designs

-          integrated GSM and GPS antennas version and external antennas version

-          on site zero configuration

-          high range power supply input voltage: 6-38V (motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks support)

-          low current consumption: 35mA/12V typical

-          working temperature range: -40C -> +85C

-          quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, -107dB sensitivity

-          GPS sensitivity -165/148dB(tracking/autonomous acquisition)

-          GPS sampling accuracy 15m (2D) CEP / v<5km/h, 7.5m (2D) CEP / v>5km/h

nomadSOS by v1+3/8 interfaces:

-          manual eCALL trigger button interface

-          automatic eCALL trigger digital interface

-          test eCALL trigger digital interface

-          eCALL status LED interface

-          balanced audio input

-          balanced audio output

-          external audio mute digital output interface

-          sensors interface for retrofit eCALL IVS implementations

nomadSOS by v1+3/8 conformity:

-          EN 16062 / 2012

-          EN 15722 / 2012

-          support for HGV/GV(heavy good vehicles/good vehicles) MSD proposals

-          ISO/IEC 8825-2

-          3GPP TS 26 267

-          3GPP TS 26 268

Designed by R&D Software Solutions’s team, winner of “GST SSC Bronze Award”, nomadSOS by v1+3/8 assure your eCALL-IVS needs and providing to you reliable eCALL-IVS solution at best EU market price. Guaranteed! Start your eCALL-IVS market presence and success business in an instant, without head pain and without huge investments.

nomadSOS by team looks for:

-          automotive manufacturers looking for eCALL IVS integration;

-          eCALL IVS distributors;

-          partners;

-          investors;

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Additional information, demo and pricing information are available on request. You can contact Dragos Iosub and R&D Software Solutions srl on email:, or by phone: +40745611611.

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